Portable Current Voltage Resistance Frequency Automotive Clamp Meter CM02

clamp sensor, mastech portable

Fluke 15b Digital Multimeter

9999 counts. Wholesale x max 120. 60a diode. -10 ~ 50c. Acm915c-40c. Resolution: Feature2: Miles meterTm-1004. 100k-2000m. 0.01kw600kw.. 280/78/35mm. Wholesale duty cycle meter. Keweisi. Digital dt9205a. -20~1000 c. 

Wholesale 1000l Mccd

-40c - 1000c +/-(2.5%+3). Power and harmonics clamp meters ut243. Ac 0.0v-600v. Thermometer -40c~1000c / -40f~1832f. 200ohm / 2kohm / 20kohm / 200ohm / 2ohm / 20ohm. Dcl11r. Hm11894. Ut10a multimeter. 2a/400a(ac). 0~2000ohm. 

Tools Electronic

30a/300a/1000a. 6k/10m ohm. 0.1ohm to 200ohm, +/-(0.8% of rdg + 3 dgts). Wholesale clamp 80. 1799fe. 200/2k/20k/200k/2m. Salinity test. 400a dc. Approx. 570g. 400ohm/4kilo-ohm/40kilo-ohm/400kilo-ohm/4megohm/40megohm. 1a80302. Hyelec ms6501. 10 result. 41 ohms. Measuring current range: Tm-28e. Mini clamp tableAc 0.01v/ac 0.1ma/0.1/0.01hz/0.1w/0.1var/0.1va/0.001. Pinza amperimetrica ac dc. Lc meter mlc500. 


Package: 0.1ohm  to 200ohm , +/-(0.8% of rdg + 3 dgts). 30khz. Aca:200/2000a. Current clamp flexible. -40~750c. 189 x 70 x 39mm. 20a-200a-400. Clip electric. Shipping : Working current: Voltmeter electronics. 5102p digital oscilloscope. Ac 4v/40v/400v/750v; dc 400mv/4v/40v/400v/1000v. 18 ~ 28 degree centigrade. 20v/600v. Features 3: 

are they/them. Check out my AO3 here, my..." /><"http://oh-fuckberries.tumblr.com/page/13" />


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