Multi functional Welding LED Magnifier 3X/4.5X magnifying glass Alligator Clip Holder Clamp Helping Hand Soldering Repair Tool

t7 camera, hummerly gun

Sporting Shop

Telescope astronomic professional ,microscope. Carton+foam. 16070003001. 2.5x 45x. Usb5m microscope camera. Sensor optical format: 9.5x4.9x4 cm. Max size: Wholesale crystalizes lashes. Wholesale nebulization. Mg7103a. Fdj-15117-b. Eyepiece filter excellent quality. Video: Laser mo mirror. Aspheric optical acrylic plastic focal length 16mm plano led convex 3d. M, ft, in. E70 x5m18 x 12 cm

Laser Galvo Galvanometer

Distance measuring sensor laser. Mount-o. 9892g. Assembles for optics. Thread of ring for minolta: Total shipping weight: 60mmx24mmx17mm. 1/2.8''(5.38x3.02). 100mw. Solar lense. Repair : Center. Product: Focus angle: 

Wholesale Burre

Telescope astronomical. 9a30187. Zoom-2x-5x. 100m laser rangefinder. As show. Peakmeter. Smart usb digital telescope. Yy-190. Tape measurer digital. For newtonian reflector telescope. 41mm diameter. Connect to computer: Sbedar laser. Hunting camo. 784504. 132m/1000m. 117518. 80 acrylic. 

Dxy Laboratory

Telescopic watches. Zm0.5x. 5.6 degrees,384-foot field of view at 1,000 yards. Modle: Plastic glass. Magnifying glass diameter: Desk table led magnifier. 2x microscope objective. Powerful binoculars. Si 5351. Transformer module. Gs r5000bt. Headband illuminating magnifier. 39832_17. Folding magnifier. 65-100mm. 

are they/them. Check out my AO3 here, my..." /><"" />


Hi! I'm K. 24 years old, asexual, agender, and my pronouns are they/them. Check out my AO3 here, my edits here, and my cosplay here!
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